Ai-Chan Special Beauty Lotion


Ai-Chan Special Beauty Lotion


Shorten your skincare routine with Ai Chan Special Beauty Lotion! This one-step beauty solution is handmade every single bottle by Ai-Chan and is formulated with only 4 ingredients!

Volume: 200ml



  • Lightweight lotion
  • High moisturizing effect
  • Contains a high concentration of Rosa Canina Fruit Extract extracted manually with water
  • Perfect for skin concerns such as dry & rough skin
  • Lasts through approximately 1,400 sprays.

Product is free from the following additives: Alcohol, Preservatives, Surface Active Agents, Mineral Ingredients, Phenoxy Ethanol, Parabens, Coloring Agents, Artificial Flavors

HOW TO USE: Apply/Spray an appropriate amount onto your face after cleansing your face to make the skin moisturized and supple

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Ai-Chan Special Beauty Lotion

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