Reusable, breathable, tight-fitting, antibacterial, odor-free, moisture-wicking, quick drying, and ultra comfortable.

Excellent for light to mild running, walking, grocery shopping, and wearing throughout your everyday activities. Perfect for wearing to work, no matter the occupation.

Breathable material allows for doubling up without getting too hot or stuffy. Excellent for use over other protective layers to help prevent gaps and achieve a more snug fit.

A Men's Health Editor's Pick.

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  • Advantages of Zensah fabric over cotton: These won't hold moisture and won't allow the growth of odor-causing or potentially dangerous bacteria (and they're more comfortable!)
  • The power of silver: Silver has long been known to have antibacterial properties. Silver microparticles embedded in the fabric halt bacteria growth and keep these masks odor free!
  • Form Fitting: Adaptable fit means no gaps or loose areas around the face.
  • Don’t sweat it! Moisture-wicking & quick drying technology will absorb any sweat and keep your face feeling dry. Perfectly designed to deliver comfortable, and odor-free workouts to all.
  • Thermoregulating: Breathable for when it's warm and an extra layer of warmth for when it's cold.
  • Comfort Straps: Double straps that wrap around the back of the head mean no ear pain due to tugging or chafing.
  • Great for exercise: Seamless design follows the contours of the face. It won't move around, and it won't get heavy. 
  • Reusable: These are machine washable and built to last.


Why should I purchase a Zensah mask instead of a surgical mask or plain cloth face mask?

The Zensah masks come with many benefits not found in regular face masks. They are made with a comfortable, breathable, antimicrobial fabric that blocks odor. They come with double comfort straps that hug the face, rather than irritating hooks that tug on the ears.

Unless you are a medical professional, you should do your best to purchase non medical face coverings so that those who need them to treat sick patients have access.

How do I put on the Zensah Performance Face Mask?

First, check that the logo is right side up and on the left cheek facing away from you. Then, take both straps and pull them down over your head. From there, just pull the top of the mask up over your nose (still with the logo on the left) and pull the top strap up above your ears where it can sit comfortably.

Why is the bottom strap of my mask loose around my neck?

The bottom strap is intentionally designed to be a little loose. The reason for this is to make it easier to pull over your head when putting on, and to make it more comfortable when the mask is hanging around your neck (good for when you're driving in your car, for example). If it's too loose, we recommend tying a knot or using a hair tie or rubber band to shorten it to a comfortable length.

How should I use the Zensah Performance Face Mask while running?

The Zensah mask, or any face mask for that matter, only needs to be over your mouth and nose when social distancing is not an option. While running, this means as long as no one is within 6 feet of you, you can let the mask sit around your neck, and then pull it up if you get close to another person.

While the mask is more breathable than most, it still restricts the total amount of air that can enter the lungs. If at any point you become dizzy or lightheaded while wearing the mask, simply take it off of your face and let it hang around your neck until the dizziness subsides.

While running, each exhale contains moisture, which combined with heavy perspiration over longer or more intense workouts will affect the performance of the mask. The masks are not intended for continuous use on very long runs or for high intensity interval training type workouts. Use your best judgement when deciding how to use your mask.

Are Zensah masks treated with any chemicals to make them antimicrobial?

No. In fact, what makes the masks antimicrobial are silver (or copper) microparticles permanently embedded in the fabric. These metals have long been known to be antibacterial agents, and Zensah premium fabric uses that to its advantage.

Will Zensah masks protect me or my children from getting a viral infection?

No. No non-medical mask can completely protect you, and the Zensah masks are no different. The best way to prevent infection is to follow all CDC guidelines, such as social distancing and frequent hand washing.

More Information
More Information
Price $19.00
Brand Zensah Advanced Athletic Compression Apparel


  • 70% Polyamide / 23% Polypropylene / 5% Elastane / 2% Silver
  • Ideal care is machine wash warm, air dry.
  • Wash after each use.
  • This face mask is not intended for medical use, and not proven to reduce the transmission of disease. The CDC recommends use of cotton or cloth face coverings in public to reduce community spread by asymptomatic persons.
  • Please note that exercising while wearing a mask is going to provide a different experience than exercising without one. As is true for any cloth mask, when our mask gets wet through heavy perspiration, it will affect the mask's performance.
  • All masks restrict the total amount of air that can enter the lungs on each breath, and ours is no different. If at any point during use you feel dizzy or lightheaded, simply pull the mask down around your neck when you can keep a safe distance from others, and breathe normally until the feeling subsides.
  • Made in Italy

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